About Us

Jobhuntr is an online employment solution for individuals looking for employment opportunities in Cyprus and employers that want to advertise their vacancies and hire ideal candidates. This job board operates as a venue only and does not introduce or supply work-seekers to recruiters (or vice versa).

Our aim is to provide recruiters a job board where they will be able to advertise their vacancies in a simple and professional manner. Furthermore, recruiters can headhunt themselves ideal candidates using our resume database which has been designed to assist in this process easily and efficiently. We try to ensure that the database is kept up to date with active profiles, removing those that haven’t had any activity beyond a period of time or no longer wish to be recruited.

Additionally, we anticipate that using our job board seekers will be able to build a professional profile that will increase the possibility of being noticed by prospective employers. We are trying to encourage the interaction between seekers and employers. The overall account functionalities offer the seeker and recruiter a unique experience in the job seeking process.

We currently advertise job openings from all sectors in Cyprus.